3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Converter Portal

by Katie Williams

The new Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Converter Portal was developed by Ambrose Fox for our client, 3M, to function as a collaboration between 3M and their customer-base. It is an education and training portal that informs customers of the products that 3M has available, how they work, and how they are used.

The portal allows customers to choose products that were designed and developed by 3M specifically for their industry or sector, while keeping customers up-to-date with new technology surrounding specialist adhesives and tapes.

It is divided into a number of sections:

  • A 'New' section which contains new products or new information that 3M want to share about their adhesive and tape products and how they work, as well as suggestions for where and how they would best be used.
  • A 'Training' section where 3M can educate their clients on different types of high-tech bonding agents and specialist adhesives.
  • As well as a 'Client Contact' section which allows customers to connect with a specialist in their region who will have the expertise to guide them through the information and recommend the best products for their individual needs.
  • Information on the portal is organised into 'Segments' which allows customers to narrow down their search by sector, i.e. automotive, rail, medical. As different industries use different adhesives for different purposes, customers can easily find what 3M have on offer while learning the benefits of using specific 3M products in their particular industry.

The portal also features a product library which has online catalogues of all of 3M’s adhesive products.

Ambrose Fox has worked with 3M to create a portal for collaboration between them and their customers – with training and education at the forefront, 3M’s new Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Converter Portal allows them to effectively spread the word about how their products work and which ones their clients should be using.

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