English Woodlands Timber: Delivery Cost Calculator

by Katie Williams

Ambrose Fox has added an area into Galaxy – EWT’s business management platform – which automatically calculates delivery costs.

Before we implemented the delivery cost calculator, EWT had to manually calculate the delivery cost of their items based on factors such as the length, weight, and quantity of wood. When a customer placed an order online, EWT also had to work out which delivery method would be needed to transport the goods.

There are a number of different delivery options available: courier, pallet services, and lorry services. The delivery methods that customers qualify for were worked out manually by EWT.

When customers add items to their basket for delivery, the total weight and maximum length of the goods is now automatically calculated.

Parameters were set against the delivery methods with limits on total weight and length. Some delivery methods are also limited on the distance they can travel to deliver goods to customer addresses.

When placing their order, the customer enters their delivery address including their postcode. The road distance between EWT’s timber yard and the customer’s address is automatically calculated.

Based on the customer’s order and the distance to their delivery address, we can show the delivery methods they are eligible for, as well as the delivery cost.

Ambrose Fox has simplified the action of calculating delivery methods and costs, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient order process.

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